Job Responsibilities

1、Assist R & D director in the research and development of plant extract drugs, including biological and clinical research, small-scale, pilot-scale, scale-up production;
2、Biological tests, mechanisms of drug action;
3、Preclinical trial medicine efficacy study;
4、Clinical experiment;
5、Production of test drugs;
6、Proficient in English listening, speaking, reading and writing;
7、Assist the daily administrative work of R & D center, the establishment of new laboratories, equipment purchase, etc;
8、Assist in the preparation of the project’s information and other related work.

Job requirements

1、Bachelor degree or above in medicine, biology, pharmacy or other related major;
2、More than 3 years working experience in pharmaceutical R & D;
3、Familiar with drug R & D, clinical trial process and registration regulations;
4、Proficiency in R & D information retrieval;
5、Proficient in English listening, speaking, reading and writing is the necessary skill;
6、Have good professional ethics, ability to analyze and solve problems and express communication; strong sense of responsibility, can complete work efficiently;