Job Responsibilities

1、Responsible for recruitment, appointments, receptions and interviews of candidates;
2、Handling of employee entry procedures, signing, renewal and management of employees' labor contracts;
3、Establishment and management of internal company employee files;
4、Responsible for other departments Coordinate work and upload and release information;
5、Responsible for administrative and logistics related work of various departments of the company;
6、Responsible for some daily administrative affairs of the department and cooperate with superiors to do administrative and personnel work;
7、Responsible for organization of corporate culture construction, Including company celebrations, annual meeting arrangements, conference organization, cultural and sports activities, etc .;
8、Assist the superiors to formulate job descriptions for each department's posts, supervise and implement after reporting for approval;
9、Responsible for the training of corporate systems and culture for new employees to establish corporate image;
10、Responsible for assisting various departments in recruiting personnel, including recruitment processes, interview records, screening and recommendations;
11、Handling of other emergencies.

Job requirements

1、Undergraduate or above, personnel administrative major or related;
2、More than two years working experience related;
3、Open-minded and careful character, enterprising, strong ability of communication and organization.