Significance of rapid HIV drug resistance detection kit


The proportion of new patients with primary drug resistance is high, and patients with existing drug resistance need to determine the type of drug resistance and adopt new treatment regimen.

At present, there is no rapid resistance detection in the market, and the physician cannot instruct the medication.

Gold principles of AIDS treatment: early detection, early medication, accurate medication, which can effectively extend the life cycle.

HIV drug resistance is serious and there is blank in the market

At present, there is no commercial HIV drug resistance detection kit in the Chinese market, and drug resistance detection depends on genotype (In-house) detection method, which takes 2 months to obtain test results from virus collection to uploading gene sequencing to the website of Stanford University.

Once foreign websites are technically blocked, China will not be able to perform sequencing detection of drug resistance, and patients will not be able to choose new treatment after drug resistance occurs.

Project characteristics and progress of rapid HIV drug resistance detection kit

Special Features

Based on the technology of real-time PCR, the chip is used to immobilize the known fluorescent probes on it.

The degree of automation is high, no personnel training is required, and 12,000 samples may be detected simultaneously.

The demand for plasma samples is low, and HIV drug resistance typing results at low virus load can also be accurately detected within 2 hours.


The collection of resistant strains from 300 infected patients in several regions is completed.

The construction of independent intellectual property data collection center is finished (completely get rid of China's dependence on the database of Stanford University).

Cooperation with US company PrekinElmer to complete the R&D of unmanned automated platform for drug resistance detection.