August 2003
JY-1 plasma virus inactivation instrument was successfully developed
December 2009
The medical device registration certificate No.: GSYJX(Z)Z 2009 No. 3451019 was obtained
December 2016
The cooperation agreement was signed with the Infection Center of Beijing YouAn Hospital on "immune reconstitution therapy for HIV drug-resistant patients"
February 2017
In February, the first large-scale clinical trial was conducted in Beijing YouAn Hospital, Capital Medical University
May 2017
In May, the second clinical trial was conducted in the Second People's Hospital of Tianjin
April 2018
In April, the patent for invention of plasma viral inactivation instrument was applied (Patent No.: 201810368896.7)
April 2018
In April, invention patent on photochemical preparation method of autologous plasma inactivated vaccine for treatment of AIDS was obtained(Patent No: 201810368096.5)
May 2018
In May, the project "Study on the efficacy and safety of non-drug fusion blocking therapy in the treatment of HIV/AIDS" passed the acceptance by the famous national expert group on AIDS prevention and control
September 2019
In September, the clinical trials were conducted simultaneously in Chongqing, Tianjin and Beijing
September 2019
In September, the in vitro HIV standard/resistant strain inactivation validation test of BX-I AIDS therapeutic apparatus was completed in State Key Laboratory of Infectious Disease Diagnosis and Treatment (P3 Laboratory), Zhejiang University